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Weight Loss Programs

Our program combines expert guidance, medication management, and support to achieve your weight loss goals. With evidence-based strategies and experienced nurse practitioners, we help to form lasting lifestyle changes.

Weight loss prevents heart disease, increases confidence, and improves overall wellness.

Monthly plans are available—no insurance coverage at this time.

Semaglutide Weight Loss Program

Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program


Three-month kickstart package

per month


Three-month kickstart package

per month

  • Popular Medication to combat obesity and improve overall health.

  • Once-weekly injectable works by copying the activity of a hormone called GLP-1; which helps regulate blood sugar levels while reducing appetite and cravings as well as slowing down stomach emptying.

  • Combined with diet and exercise this course can can make your weight loss journey successful. 

  • Must consult with a Nurse Practitioner prior to starting treatment 

  • Most cost-effective medication on the market for weight loss.

  • Tirzepatide is unique because it works in two ways:

    • a once-a-month Tirzepatide injection​

    • Lipotropic Vitamin shot (up to 4/month)

  • Must consult with Nurse Practitioner prior to starting any treatment​

What is Included in Both Programs:

  • 3-Month Kickstart Program

  • In-Office Consultation with Nurse Practitioner

  • Initial Bloodwork and future labs as needed

  • Once-weekly Semaglutide and Tirzepatide Injection/Lipotropic Vitamin Shot (Up to 4/month)

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